10 weed faux pas to avoid in a social setting

Updated: Nov 17

By Rae Lland

As with any culture, weed culture has its customs, too. Long-time weed lovers learn a lot of these customs from experience, trial and error, or from good friends. But here at Leafly, we wanted to ensure cannabis’ newcomers were also prepared to sesh with the best of them.

While a huge part of being a stoner is what comes naturally, there are still a few things you want to avoid in a social setting. In other words, you don’t want to commit a weed faux pas.

faux pas |fō-ˈpä| (noun): a significant or embarrassing error or mistake Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Use our list of weed faux pas to prevent yourself from violating stoner code. By avoiding these missteps, you’ve got a great chance at getting invited back the next time “the group” gathers to spark something up.

1. Bogarting

Puff, puff, pass are words we live by for a reason. Bogarting is one of the most common faux pas in a cannabis social setting and can happen unintentionally if you get too stoned and zone out.

Try to stay mindful, and take one or two hits before passing to the next person so everyone gets their chance. You can always return to what you were saying after completing the handoff.

2. Torching the bowl

Few things elicit more side-eye from a weed lover than torching the bowl. The idea of scorching beautiful greens to smithereens is enough to make a terpene lover scream.

When you’re handed a freshly packed pipe, make sure you use the lighter gently along the side of the bowl, so you’re not obliterating all the green or preventing the next few people in line from taking a flavorful hit.

3. Refusing to match

It’s fine to show up occasionally with no bud to spare or share among good friends. But if you’re doing it every single time, you’re going to come off as a mooch. Offer to match your friends (contribute weed) whenever possible. After all, you’re not just sharing smoke, but also an experience.

If you don’t have any weed to share, be open to compensating someone for your experience with cash, snacks, or digital payment.

4. Seshing while sick

This has been a faux pas long before the age of COVID, but even more so now. No one wants to take a bowl that’s just been on the lips of someone coughing and sneezing up a storm.

You should probably just stay home, but if you have to be out, at least bring your own personal joint or dug out. Avoid the rotation until you feel better.

You might also consider switching to edibles or cannabis beverages so you can give your lungs a rest.


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