5 questions to ask that help your budtender help you

By Patrick Bennett

Walking into a dispensary for the first time is both a wonderful and surreal experience. Customers find themselves immersed in a whole new world of strains, extracts, edibles, topicals, and a myriad of evolving, innovative products.

In most cases, they need some professional guidance to make sense of all these choices. That professional is the budtender.

Budtenders work as a crucial link between the industry and the public, but not all budtenders are created equal. Ideally, helpful budtenders ask a lot of questions to individualize the products they recommend to customers. An adept budtender knows the qualities and effects of the products they sell while communicating them clearly to prospective buyers.

On the other hand, some budtenders operate with ulterior motives to move certain products off shelves. Their advice, based on personal experiences or sales trends, (e.g., “I tried this last night and loved it!” or “You better get this strain fast! It’s selling out!”) might seem helpful but may not align with an individual’s needs.

Research before you shop

Despite cannabis’ prevalence across dozens of states, budtenders have no universal business training, so staff preparedness varies from shop to shop. For a novice consumer, this poses some problems. If you’re worried about lackluster help, research the store you plan to visit first.

Resources such as our Dispensary Locator will help you narrow down the options in your area and provide reviews from fellow customers. Social media can also give you a sense of the shop and its employee culture—do staff look happy to be at work? Even with the most meticulous preparation, questions will undoubtedly arise once you get there.

Below are five questions to ask yourself before you engage the budtender, based on what they will likely ask you. Anticipating how you communicate this information beforehand can vastly improve the effectiveness of your dialogue in finding the right products and learning something new.

1. How do you want to consume your cannabis?

Roll it, pack it, vape it. How do you want to toke up?

There are a handful of ways to consume and utilize cannabis, from smoking flowers to eating gummies to bathing in an infused soak. Most dispensaries carry a variety of edibles, beverages, tinctures, capsules, mints, prerolls, vape pens, and beyond.

Narrow down a few questions about the methods and products you want to try; how you administer cannabis determines how it makes you feel. This also allows helps you determine which dispensaries carry the products you need. Keep in mind that some products have limited availability and your local dispensary might not carry them.


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