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Armored Car Firm Files Suit Against Law Enforcement Alleging Marijuana Cash Theft

An #armored #car and #fintech company filed a lawsuit against the federal government and multiple law enforcement agencies alleging that it has been unlawfully targeted by #police over the past year and is the victim of “highway robbery.” #Denver-based Empyreal Logistics, which does #business in 28 #states and acts as a #cash #courier between many #marijuana #businesses and their #banks as well as for mainstream industries, claims in the lawsuit filed on Jan. 14 that its constitutional rights have been violated.

The suit was filed in #US District Court in the #Central District of #California and the company alleges that law enforcement officials conspired to seize cash from its #vehicles through “pretextual stops of Empyreal’s armored vehicles” because they knew Empyreal was transporting cash proceeds from marijuana businesses.

Additionally, a request for a temporary #restraining order against all defendants was also included in the suit which includes The U.S. federal government, The U.S. Department of #Justice, The FBI, The Drug Enforcement #Administration, The #SanBernardino County Sheriff’s office in California, and The heads of all of those agencies. The company claims that officials used #civil forfeiture laws to confiscate more than $1 #million from its armored vehicles, despite no company employees being charged with a crime. Furthermore, the suit requests a ruling voiding the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s searches and seizures and a court order preventing all law enforcement agencies from seizing cannabis cash from Empyreal vehicles. However, Empyreal’s vehicles have been stopped by police five times since #May 2021 and three times in the past two months in San Bernardino County.

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