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Cannabis Scams to Watch For and Tips to Stay Protected

The #cannabis industry is seeing more and more #demographics than ever. Those with ailments or conditions, and the elderly are turning to cannabis more frequently. These certain demographics, especially those who are new to the cannabis scene can easily be targeted for #scams. That is not to say those who are well versed in their cannabis aren’t a target as well. #Snake #oil #salesmen are on the prowl, they are smarter than you think, and they have #technology on their side to deceive you. Here are some scams to keep an eye out for, and some helpful tips to stay safe when it comes to searching for #hemp #products #online.

The most common #CBD scams to watch out for happening today are online scams. The problem is, anyone can fabricate or impersonate a #website. Make sure that whatever you are purchasing the supplier is a #reputable source, especially since this is something you will be #smoking, #consuming, or #ingesting. Check for proper spelling and grammar, broken links to tested materials, ensure that the currency is in #CND or #US #dollars as opposed to foreign or #cryptocurrency, make sure the taxes are included, and review if there’s a discount, compared to the normal #purchase #price (if it seems to good to be true, it probably is). Furthermore, #investment scams involving cannabis is definitely something to watch for. When it comes to stock market scams, you will hear the typical promises of high rates of return with low or no risk. Be on the lookout for unlicensed sellers, guaranteed returns and signs of excessive hype. Check the background, registration and license status of anyone recommending #marijuana-related investments.

Lastly, our #helpful suggestion is to look out for customer reviews, because if there is a company out there that has supplied a bad product or if someone has been scammed by a certain fake profile or website, people will be talking about it. The cannabis community looks out for each other.

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