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Cannabis Stores Open to Happy Customers Braving Freezing Temps in Montana

David Williams was one of the first customers in the door after waiting outside for nearly half an hour in freezing temperatures.

A big fan of concentrates, Williams bought six different grams of shatter, and two varieties of crumble. As sales began, the staff was nothing short of giddy. “It feels like a lot of hard work coming to fruition,” said Spark1 CEO Marc Lax. “It’s crazy. We had people here an hour before we opened,” said Brian Monahan, co-owner of Greenhouse Farmacy in Missoula. “People were calling at 6 o’clock this morning, and we’d been here until 4:30 the night before. It was a 20-person line at 9 o’clock and has been never-ending since then.”

Montana voters agreed to legalize and regulate cannabis for all adults back in the Nov. 2020 election, with the passage of Initiative 190. It became legal to possess up to one ounce a year ago—Jan. 1, 2021—but it took an extra year for Montana’s retail licensing system to get up and running.

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