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Giving Back to the Autism Community through social responsibility for Autism Awareness Month

Autism is defined as a developmental disorder of variable severity characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

One in fifty-four children has autism in the U.S. Children who find it difficult to hold a conversation, make eye contact, or empathize with others might fit somewhere on the autism spectrum. Treating persons on the spectrum has had its challenges. Ongoing cannabis research has found the compounds (cannabinoids) in the plant to be beneficial for different treatments.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the compounds that is getting a lot of attention. Scientific journals suggest cannabidiol as a candidate for treatment for autism spectrum disorder.

This kind of peer-reviewed research is changing how medical professionals not only view cannabis but how the “HOPE” factor is now a viable treatment option for families with persons on the autism spectrum.

There is a famous quote by Dr. Kerry Magro a national speaker “Autism can’t define me; I define autism.” And if we replace Autism with cannabis, we come up with the same logical profound outcome…

Autism is no longer a generation lost but a generation standing with the global cannabis science movement.

From CBD-enriched cannabis for autism spectrum disorder or THC management for persons on the spectrum, it’s superseding traditional treatment options.

And as autism awareness is celebrated in April this year, I wanted to honor those who have impacted my initial journey with cannabis therapies through their strength, research, and resources.

Every day until the last day of April, Cannabis Broadcast Station will post a new honoree on their Instagram social media account @cannabisbroadcaststation.

On our list of heroes, we will be honoring Matt Rize, Jinx & Ms. Rose of Jinx Genetics, Dr. Bernard Rimland, Dr. Daniele Piomelli, DNA Genetics, Abigail Dar, and Dr. Lester Grinsponn with 25 more impactful influential pioneers that have provided HOPE to families all over the world.

This campaign is sponsored by, a peer-to-peer medical professional website that connects cannabis professionals with international healthcare facilities as a “trust” resource.

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