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Hana Dispensaries Partners with Resinate to Reduce Cannabis Packaging Waste in Arizona

A memo introducing new legislation to establish a recycling program for cannabis containers in New York from assemblywoman Patricia Fahy stated that the legal cannabis industry in the United States produces about 150 million tons of waste each year and Hana Dispensaries of Arizona has risen and responded to the recycling efforts.

Hana Dispensaries, one of Arizona’s original vertically integrated cannabis operations, will be helping to reduce the number of cannabis waste with its new packaging recycling partnership with Resinate at both its Phoenix and Green Valley locations.

Resinate collaborates with local businesses to provide recycling solutions with help from their Energy Pods. These custom designed recycling bins collect plastics that would have otherwise gone into landfills and ecosystems. Furthermore, Resinate’s collection program has already repurposed over 314,399 containers, saving enough energy to power 467 electric cars.

“We were finding out that even when cannabis packaging is recycled at home, it is often sorted out by recyclers and taken to landfills. Our dispensaries have always been about our local communities, and after running the numbers of potential packaging waste, we decided it was our responsibility to help with this issue,” said Hana Dispensaries CEO, Matt Pinchera. Hana is the parent company to Arizona’s original pre-roll brand Dutchie and has secured the rights to cultivate and distribute three strains from Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve® Cannabis Brand.

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