‘I smell some weed,’ NYC mayor delighted by Times Square dank

Updated: Nov 7

By Calvin Stovall

The mayor couldn’t control his joy after catching a whiff of weed during a press conference in the Manhattan. This is how elected leaders should handle the fragrance of freedom.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been an outspoken supporter of cannabis use across the Big Apple since taking office.

Most notably, back in May, Mayor Adams told New Yorkers and visitors to “light up,” without fear of legal repercussions. And last week, it seemed like he hit the gas before a press conference in the heart of the city.

Basically, Mayor Adams couldn’t stop acting like that one uncle at Thanksgiving who you always regret sharing the blunt with.

“One law that was passed is clearly being practiced right now, because I smell some weed,” Mayor Adams said, holding back laughter while wrapping up a press conference about a new concealed carry weapons law. He continued: ”Someone is smoking some—“ before ultimately succumbing to a giggle fit.

The sound he let out was akin to the viral chortle NBA player Kawhi Leonard blessed the world with back in 2018.

The live microphones from the Mayor’s office did not pick up an audience reaction to Mayor Adams’ humorous observation. He let the Seinfeldian joke land slowly, then brought it home by pointing out of frame to a friend who he may have shared a spliff or two with in the past.

“You smell that Marcia?” Mayor Eric Adams, outing his favorite stoner in Times Square

Unlike the tennis player who stopped the US Open because he smelled weed, Mayor Adams gets it. New Yorkers are gonna smoke the roof of the joint, whether you like it or not. So you might as well laugh it off, like the mayor, or roll up your own and join the fun.

Watch the live moment below. The Mayor makes his comment at the 21:50 mark.

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