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Infinity’s Snacks Brand on The Horizon

In southern California where cultivators and farmers play significant roles in consumer buyer trends, consumers have a “strain hunter” mentality that continues to blossom for the supply and demand for premium flower.

Infinity’s Vision is to become the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing-processing, packaging, sales, marketing and distribution of THC and CBD products. “Our Vision is to create opportunity not just for ourselves, but for other brands that have invented unique products with great monetizing potential. Creating unique opportunities for others to fold under our strategic umbrella provides a synergistic approach to the cannabis industry that will be duplicated across the country, said President of Media Micah Tatum.

The relaunch of the SNACKS brand from Infinity lends itself to an Limited edition three strain release. Peanut Butter, Pancakes, and Jealous Ice Cream. Currently available in the California market the brand is soon to reach Michigan and Las Vegas. Furthermore, the company is in the process of an NFT and extending its media library of cannabis infused, “how to’s”.

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