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Innovative Hemp Technologies Make Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

The Colorado Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone (“HAIZ”) is being developed under the banner of Innovative Hemp Technologies (IHT) in the town of Hayden, in northwest Colorado, approximately 25 miles from the Steamboat Springs ski esort. In collaboration with Western Sierra Resource Corporation this “vertically integrated” project has a development horizon of 20+ years and contemplates the beneficial use of substantial existing water resources to irrigate and cultivate industrial hemp; process and utilize hemp in the on-site manufacturing of #green renewable construction products; and finally, to build affordable carbon neutral/carbon negative housing – all in one location under the Company’s Master Plan. The Company’s vision for the HAIZ complex is to establish a “showcase” venue for its vendor/partners in agriculture, Research and Development, manufacturing, a range of related commercial products and green technologies and housing. This is being designed to complement the town of Hayden by further generating employment opportunities and increasing business revenue for the community. Execution of the Colorado HAIZ is expected to create substantial shareholder value through the development of real estate and water infrastructure assets along with the incremental introduction of multiple revenue streams to meet the Company’s objectives. These elements combined with predictably increasing prices and diminishing competition over the project term are likely to result in improved profitability year-over-year. This will set the Company on a path to becoming a leader in sustainable hemp-based “green” construction in the United States. The Company recently became a member of the US Hemp Building Association (“USHBA”). As the Company proceeds with the development of this project the ability to access a resource such as the USHBA and other industry professionals will be of great benefit. ⁠

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