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L.A. County approves $30,000-per-day Fines For Illegal Marijuana Businesses

#LosAngeles County authorities signed off on a plan to issue $30,000-per-day civil fines against unlicensed commercial #marijuana activity, which officials say has grown explosively in recent years. According to the new ordinance, #LA County authorities the #power to levy fines against unlicensed #cannabis #businesses of all kinds, including grows, stores and any others found to be in violation. “This motion puts #teeth in enforcement and ensures that unpermitted dispensaries face stiff penalties in the future,” County #Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said after the ordinance was enacted. L.A. County code prohibits all commercial cannabis activity in unincorporated parts of the county, but illicit marijuana businesses have persisted nonetheless.

#Kuehl’s motion points out that, “despite the efforts of numerous County departments, the growth of unpermitted cannabis dispensaries continues to outpace enforcement.”

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