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New Mexico’s Legal Weed Stores Open April 1

It’s no April Fool’s joke. #NewMexico’s 118 #medical #marijuana #dispensaries will be licensed to serve all adults starting the morning of #Friday, April 1, 2022. After waiting nearly a full year since legalizing marijuana for all #adults last April, New #Mexicans age 21 and older will finally get their chance to legally purchase the plant.

Every adult 21 or older may legally buy and possess up to 2 #ounces of #cannabis, 16 #grams of cannabis #extract, or up to 800 milligrams of #edible cannabis at one time. New Mexico dispensary owners have vowed to #stock their shelves abundantly for the first few weeks of retail sales to ensure that every customer can find the products they want. They’ve learned from #Nevada, #Maine, #Illinois and several other states that suffered varying degrees of inventory shortages after being overwhelmed by thousands of new adult-use #customers. Moreover, Adult-use cannabis will have an excise #tax of 12%, which will come in addition to state and local #sales taxes and limited homegrowing is legal for all adults 21 and older in New Mexico. Since April 2021, adults have been allowed to possess up to six #mature plants per person, with a #maximum of 12 plants per household, that regulation will not change.

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