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Oklahoma Lawmakers Weigh Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Businesses

Oklahoma House Republican legislators pitched a 12-point plan to tighten up one of the country’s most business-friendly medical marijuana markets with a goal of curbing illicit activity.

The plan comes only weeks after law enforcement agencies seized roughly $500 million worth of illicit marijuana as part of a yearlong investigation. “If you’re an illegal operator in Oklahoma, your time is up,” said Republican Rep. Scott Fetgatter, a member of a legislative MMJ working group. The comprehensive plan includes, increased inspections of grow facilities, a grant program for county sheriff’s departments to fund law enforcement efforts in all 77 of the state’s counties, the implementation of a seed-to-sale tracking system Metrc, standardized laboratory testing and equipment, enhanced product packaging standards, pre-license inspections and increased document requirements. Furthermore the plan encompasses stringent new reporting requirements on electric and water use by growers and making the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, a stand-alone entity instead of a division of the state health department.

Oklahoma, which legalized medical marijuana sales in 2018 through a voter referendum, has been known as one of the most business-friendly MMJ programs in the nation with unlimited licensing. Oklahoma has 12,021 licensed MMJ businesses, including 8,137 growers, 2,232 dispensaries, 1,508 processors, 103 transporters and 29 laboratories, according to OMMA data. Sales are projected to reach between $1 billion and $1.25 billion this year.

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