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Ontario police investigating suspects find one man trying to flush meth down the toilet

A 25-year-old man in Ontario has been charged with cannabis distribution and two teens face a slew of firearm offences after a traffic stop tipped off a police officer that something was up. Officers with the York Regional Police (YRP) grew suspicious following the traffic stop in Markham, just north of Toronto. Arresting both the driver and passenger, the subsequent search of the vehicle revealed an unidentified amount of cannabis and a loaded handgun, YRP notes in a statement.

Under the federal Cannabis Act, those of legal age can possess, share or buy up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis. In Ontario, it is illegal to transport cannabis in a vehicle if it is unfastened and not in its original packaging, if it is not stored in a secure compartment and if it is readily available to anyone in the vehicle.

The discovery of drugs and a weapon in the vehicle prompted searches of two locations in Toronto. “At one of the locations, officers found a suspect who was attempting to flush crystal meth down the toilet,” the YRP reports, adding that the suspect has been arrested and charged.

The police also seized prohibited ammunition, a quantity of drugs, packaging material and an unidentified amount of cannabis packaged for distribution at one of the locations.

The 25-year-old man faces charges of possessing crystal meth for the purpose of trafficking, possessing cannabis for the purpose of distribution, possessing a Schedule 1 substance for the purpose of trafficking, unsafe storage of ammunition and possession of ammunition contrary to a prohibition order. The two teens, both 19, have been charged with, among other counts, possessing a restricted or prohibited firearm without a licence and registration certificate, possessing a loaded regulated firearm, occupying a motor vehicle with a firearm, possession of a prohibited device, possession of property obtained by crime and having care and control of a vehicle with cannabis readily available. It’s unclear how many times trying to flush drugs has been successful, but there are plenty of examples when it certainly wasn’t.

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