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Pennsylvania Recalls Hundreds of Medical Marijuana Vape Products

#Pennsylvania regulators recalled #hundreds of #medical #marijuana #vape products because the state says they contain ingredients unapproved for #inhalation. The mandatory recall could have disastrous consequences for #producers, processors and retailers who rely on the vape market for sales.

The state health department released a list of more than 500 cannabis vape products with ingredients not approved by the #US #Food and Drug Administration.

“Although some of these added ingredients may be considered safe in other non-inhaled products, patient safety is the top priority of the Medical Marijuana Program,” the state wrote in an email announcing the #recall.

The recall comes after a monthslong process in which the state reviewed medical marijuana vape products. In #November, state regulators gave licensed grower/processors two weeks to resubmit #vaporized cannabis products that contain additives, including flavors or terpenes, for approval. #Health officials then told patients in #December that some of the products sold by medical marijuana retailers might not be safe to inhale.

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