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South Dakota’s cultivation and where will their marijuana come from?

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s Native Nations Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary has been operating in Flandreau since July.

While it’s currently the only operating dispensary in the state, that is set to change. The City of Sioux Falls carried out their dispensary license lottery on Wednesday, selecting five applicants. Provided all goes to plan, these will be the operators of Sioux Falls’ only dispensaries. But where will they get their product, and when?

Ned Horsted, Executive Director of the Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota says that marijuana will be supplied by state licensed cannabis cultivation facilities. “These are going to be located in different cities and counties across the state,” he said. Additionally, “It’s really up to each individual city or county government to decide which of these licenses they’re going to allow,”.

On Thursday, the South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program announced “the first medical cannabis patient cards were printed and issued.” At this time, no cultivation licenses have been granted by the state, according to Horsted. The clock started November 1st on that, referring to the opening date for applications. After the applications are submitted, the state has a 90-day window to review. This means the best case scenario for a facility to be licensed is around January 30, 2022. Under state law, properly licensed businesses will be able to transport cannabis products across the state.

With the practical outlook of 90 days to get a license, a period for construction and then the plant growth period on top of it all, the likelihood that the earliest dispensaries outside tribal land could be operational is mid to late 2022.

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