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Star signs and cannabis strains: September 2022 horoscopes

By Maeva Considine

It’s Virgo Season, Stargazers! It’s a month of restraint! Budgets! Loving your friends! Making elaborate and detailed plans!

We have a peaceful start to the month with Venus entering Virgo on September 4. That turbulence-free break doesn’t last long — Mercury will enter retrograde in Libra. Phew, grab the tissues because people will be in their feelings. There’s a full moon in Pisces which sheds a little (much needed) light on the best parts of ourselves.

And, the moment many have been waiting for: the Fall Equinox is on September 22. Fall stands as a reminder that all things will pass eventually, retrogrades, petty grievances. Autumn is here to give you the reset you need.


Happy Birthday, sweet Virgo! You really shine in all of this soft autumn light. This month is your month, and things kick off with some stability in the love department as Venus enters your sign on September 4.

There is, however, a mercury retrograde in Libra on September 9. Pay no mind to anyone who is trying to pick a fight with you. It really is okay to protect your energy.

On September 10, there is a full moon in crafty Pisces. Come up with a nice little gift for yourself this month. It doesn’t have to be anything big; just make a commitment to yourself. Investing in your success and happiness will pay off in spades for the remainder of the year. The Equinox is on September 22. Crunch some leaves, drink a pumpkin spice latte, and make sure to tap into your senses this month.

September strain: The weather might still be like hot soup out there, but you can make the most of the heat with Gumbo. This is an indica strain with a pine flavor and sleepy effects. Users love to use this bud to expedite their trip to dreamland at night. In adulthood, celebrating your birthday can absolutely look like taking a nap at 4 p.m. Live it up, Virgo. It’s your month.


Get your best scarf ready, Libra, this is the month where you start warming up to bigger and better things. On September 4, Venus enters Virgo. Relationships and business partnerships will be especially solid. Don’t rock the boat out of boredom — this is good stability.

On September 9, Mercury enters retrograde in your sign. Ouch. This is the third backwards spin Mercury has taken this year, and just like the others … you’re gonna want to focus your energy inward. On September 22, we celebrate the Fall Equinox and the beginning of your season. Happy Birthday! You were made for autumn days. Relish in the balance between light and dark. September 25’s new moon in Libra will set your soul ablaze in the best possible way. Now is the time to take the plunge into a new adventure. It won’t always be easy, but you won’t regret it.

September strain: You know, you’ll probably be able to avoid most triangles this month: love triangles, the Bermuda Triangle, being forced to play the triangle in a bad garage band. But, you don’t have to avoid Triangle Kush. This indica strain has 20% THC and users report this bud feels like a throwback to famous, early strains.


Do you smell that, Scorpio? Hot drinks! Crunchy leaves! Vitamin D supplementation! It’s a month of change. On September 4, Venus enters industrious and balanced Virgo. Your love life will be grateful for this celestial pairing. On September 9, Mercury enters its third retrograde of the year in Libra. Prepare for the emotional circus to roll into your town.

On September 10, there is a full moon in Pisces. That breath you’ve been holding? You can release it under this kind and gentle lunation. The new moon in Libra on September 25 also calls on us to be more supportive of our own dreams and desires. Tell that little negative voice in your head to buzz off. You’ve got better things to do this month.

September strain: Maybe you’re entering your noir era, or maybe you just feel a little mysterious this month. Either way, LA Confidential is calling your name. This indica has a humble but functional 17% THC. Users report this strain has powerful, almost psychedelic effects — perfect for someone looking to explore the secrets of their inner minds.


Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, Sag! This month is a mixed bag. Things start out strong in the love department with Venus entering pragmatic Virgo on September 4. On September 9, Mercury enters retrograde in kind Libra. People will be looking for reasons to pick fights with you. Protect your energy and block whatever numbers you need to block.

On September 10, there is a full moon in Pisces, and a new moon will be in Libra on September 25. These are two gentle and sweet lunations. Creative energy will peak during the second and last weeks of the month. On September 29, Venus enters Libra. Another chance to strike balance in your relationships and make the most of clear communication. Watch a cozy show, make a hot cup of tea, and ride out the rest of 2022 as the boss you are.

September strain: Listen, don’t let it get to your head too much, but you’re kind of a big deal to a lot of people in your life. Tap into your celestial powers this month with some God’s Gift.

This is an indica strain with a light 16% THC, which makes it a great companion for those looking to spark up but still get on with their day. Users report the effects are subtle but very pleasant.


Goodbye summer, hello spooky season! You’re going to feel right at home this month with fellow Earth sign, Virgo, in the driver’s seat. On September 4, Venus enters Virgo for some much-appreciated stability in your love life.

On September 9, Mercury goes retrograde in sweet, sensitive Libra. Emotions will be flying, and most of them won’t be rooted in practicality or even reality. So, tap into your fall movie collection (pick a childhood favorite) and shut the phone off. Delete the social apps if you need to. Do what Earth signs do best: turn in to ground yourself.

On September 22, we celebrate the Fall Equinox. The balance between light and dark will feel like a breath of fresh air to your pragmatic soul. On September 29, Venus moves into Libra. This is when your charm will be at an all-time high. If you’ve been waiting to make a move, do it at the end of the month.

September strain: Get in touch with your inner child this month with a little Bubblegum Gelato. The best part? You can enjoy the flavors of childhood with the effects of an adult bud. Users report this indica strain tastes amazing and has a virtually instant head buzz.


Get your best fall mug out, Aquarius — it’s time to get cozy. On September 4, Venus enters into thoughtful Virgo. This bodes well for your love life, which may have been on the rocks a little last month. On September 9, Mercury enters into retrograde in sensitive Libra. Practice saying affirmations like “That is not my problem.” and “This involves me how?”

On September 25, there is a new moon in Libra for a touch of creativity. On September 27, Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in your sign just adds fuel to the creative fires. Look into adult pottery classes or other activities that combine creativity and making new friends. Rediscover yourself this September.

September strain: Tell them to kiss your ring this month and spark up a little Godfather OG while you do it. This is an indica strain that packs a punch so don’t overdo it on your first toke. Users report this is a pungent strain with deep, deep body effects. Remember, great strains are not born great; they grow great.


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