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WeedMD And BLOCKStrain Launch The Industry’s First Cannabis Validation Testing Program

#WeedMD Inc. and BLOCKSTRAIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. announce that they have completed the ‘first-of-its-kind’ #cannabis #strain validation registration program. A testing and verification process that will confirm cannabis strains as purchased. Strain validation will play an important role as cannabis products advance through the #medical, #pharmaceutical and #retail channels. Following the collection and registration of #plant #DNA from its Aylmer, Ontario facility in #October 2018, WeedMD becomes the first licensed #producer in the world to incorporate a cannabis strains #authenticity and #tracking #platform into its sales program.

BLOCKStrain’s proprietary #genome tracking #software houses the DNA data for cross referencing. “For years, consumers have been purchasing cannabis products with very little information on what exactly is being purchased, but they can now trace strain origin and their #CBD / #THC content, along with all other pertinent information,” said Robert Galarza, #CEO of #BLOCKStrain. “With the unique #technology of our Master Genome Strain and #Clone registration program, producers can now #guarantee their strains and provide customers with product assuredness.”

#BLOCKStrain, which developed a #Master Genome Strain Registration and Clone Strain Registration program, is focused on providing transparency and actionable quality assurance to cannabis consumers. Licensed producers completing the registration can in turn provide assurance to their own customers that the cannabis strains they purchase are the ones they receive. The company’s scientists collect plant data and genomic sequencing in plant batches which are registered in a #blockchain-enabled #database for intellectual property protection and strain validation. Known as the Master Genome Strain & Clone Registration Program, all information gathered from the plant genome, including its molecular and chemical makeup, can be tracked via the program. Going forward, a quick response (QR) #barcode specific to each plant batch can reveal everything about how it was cloned, #cultivated, its #cannabinoid content and more.

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