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Wisconsin Governor Evers Grants 54 Pardons Bringing Total to 391

A #pardon is a #forgiveness of a crime that restores rights lost after someone is convicted of a felony. Those rights include: the right to serve on a 3jury, hold #public #office, and obtain certain professional licenses. It does not change court records. However, Governor Tony #Evers has granted 54 more. In the three years he has been in office, he has issued 391 pardons which according to his office is the most by any governor in the #UnitedStates. Many of the people who were recently given pardons were convicted for possession of or selling drugs, mainly #marijuana.

Today, people like Jill Wagner who was 27 years old when she committed #retail theft, now a #successful #business owner and Joseph Turcotte who was 17 years old when he sold marijuana to a confidential informant, now a proud father and “dance dad” are eligible for pardons five years after they have completed their sentence and don’t have any pending criminal #charges can be released.

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